Thursday, November 1, 2012

Secret Santa Crack Hat

Now that the Halloween special is over, I was thinking it was time to start another, final one for the year. Who will be your Secret Santa? This is how it will work:

send an email to me at giving me a character you want to be put in the crack hat. It can be any character from your favorite fandom or your original creation (as long as they are of age).
One character- $7 USD
$5 USD for every character after that
When sending the email, label it Secret Santa Crack Hat and tell me the character(s) you want to put in the crack hat. If it's an original character, please include:
physical details (eye color, height, hair color, cut/uncut, special features etc), any pictures of them for reference, sexual preference (top, bottom, vers, oral), what they like sexually, and what they don't like.

On December 5th, I'll put all the names into a crack hat and draw them in pairs of 2. On December 25th, I'll post the images so you can see who your character was paired up with; who your secret santa is. Please note these will be very sexual images, NSFW. Happy Holidays :)

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